Sam Stourdzé 萨姆 • 斯道兹

Posted on 2016-08-28



他做为独立的策展人组织了一系列的国际展览并出版了一系列的书籍,其中较著名的是《LeClicheVerredeCorotaManRay》、 《Dorothea Lange 和 Tina Modotti 回忆录》、《卓别林影像集》、《费里尼》、《大游行》, 和近期的 L'Esthétique Photomaton。他得到 了美帝奇家族别墅 ( 位于罗马法兰西学院 ) 的奖学金。他还担任过爱丽舍宫博物馆的馆长和《ELSE》杂志 2010 年到 2014 年的总编。

SAM STOURDZE is the director of Les Rencontres d’Arles Photography Festival.

A specialist of images, his research focuses on the contexts of their production, distribution and reception. He has studied for many years the mechanisms involved in the circulation of images, concentrating on the ties linking photography, art and cinema.

He organized a number of international exhibitions as an independent curator and published several books, notably Le Cliché-Verre de Corot à Man Ray, the retrospectives of Dorothea Lange and Tina Modotti, Chaplin et les images, Fellini, La Grande parade, or recently, Derrière le rideau – L’Esthétique Photomaton. Stourdzé received a fellowship from the Villa Medicis – French Academy in Rome. He was the director the Musée de l’Elysée and editor in chief of the Magazine ELSE from 2010 to 2014.

RongRong 荣荣

Posted on 2016-08-28

1968 年出生于中国福建,中国当代摄影艺术家,三影堂摄影艺术中心创始人及总监。他以“人与生存环境”、“人与自然关系”为艺术表达核心创作了包括《东村》、《六里屯》、《草场地》、和《富士山》等享誉国际的摄影系列。作品被包括 MoMA、美国盖蒂博物馆、 瑞士尤伦斯基金会、东京都写真美术馆、森美术馆等国际顶级艺术机构和私人收藏。

2007 年6月,荣荣与他的妻子,日本著名摄影艺术家映里共同创立中国首家非盈利艺术机构“三影堂摄影艺术中心”。在此期间,他们多次负责并策划东西方国际摄影大师及学者的大型展览、讲座及沙龙活动,包括成功举办三届具有国际影响力的“草场地摄影季· 阿尔勒在北京”、“荒木经惟 : 感伤之旅”展览及跨越了8年里程碑的“三影堂摄影奖(TSPA)”。

RongRong was born in Fujian, China in 1968, he is a contemporary photographer and the founder and director of Three Shadows Photography Art Center. RongRong produced many well-known photo series including “East Village”, “Liulitun”, “Caochangdi” and “In Fujisan” based on the critical thinking of the beauty of the human body in nature and the urban environment. RongRong’s works have been acquired by collections such as, MoMA, Getty Museum, Myriam Guy Ullens foundation, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and Mori Art Museum and other distinguished private foundations.

In June 2007, RongRong with his wife, a Japanese photographer, inri established the very first non-profit Three Shadows Photography Art Centre (TSPA) in China. Over the years, RongRong plays an active role in programming and curating cross-disciplinary exhibitions, seminars and salons for established and emerging photographers both in Mainland China and overseas, such as the launching of “Caochangdi Photospring: Arles in Beijing” for three consecutive years, “Nobuyoshi Araki: Sentimental Journey/Decadence in Paradise”, as well as the most celebrated “Three Shadows Photography Awards” that just achieved its seven-year milestone.